3Gun Tips from the Rockcastle Babes with Bullets Camp

August 22th- 25th was the AR15/ Rockcastle 3Gun Championship in Park City, KY. This match is the anniversary of my introduction into the sport of Modern 3Gun. After a year I have come a long way, but I still have a way to go. I learned just how far I’ve got to go through my experience with the Babes with Bullets.

Babes with Bullets is a great organization that goes all over the country teaching women how to shoot. The camps are run by legends such as Kay Miculek, Deb Furns and more. At the Rockcastle match these ladies put together one of the most amazing events I have ever seen. Babes with Bullets worked with the math staff and numerous sponsors to invite 60 ladies to the match. This is the biggest turn out of ladies I have ever seen in a modern shooting competition.

My part was very small in the event overall, but I am extremely grateful. I flew in and shot the match early with a group of Pro ladies and then stayed and helped coach one of the three squads of lady armatures. Here are just a few things I learned from the 3Gun greats:

Pistol– Pistol for me is the most natural part of three gun, surprise, surprise, however 3Gun pistol is very different.

  • Movement! 3Gun courses of fire are much longer and cover more distance than other action shooting sports I have competed in. If you want to finish faster you have to learn to move. When I get home I will practice more 20 yard targets on the move.
  • “2 anywhere/ 1 A” is the way that 3Gun paper targets are scored. After my first stage with pistol someone said, “Wow Randi, you didn’t drop any points!” Then it dawned on me – I was shooting too slow. Two A’s doesn’t do anything but cost me time.


  •  Position, Position, Position is the name of the game on rifle. I am getting better but one thing I have got to practice is shooting more positions and learning how to be stable. It takes me forever to shoot because I can’t remember what to do while kneeling, I don’t know how to use my arms and hands to steady the gun and I keep moving my strong hand which is a big no-no. It will be hard work but I’ve got to learn how to get steady.
  • Enough is Enough. 3Gun has the added bonus/ challenge of each stage has a time limit. At some point they will cut you off and targets that don’t get engaged are both misses and failures to engage – a total of a 20 second penalty at this match. Long range rifle is difficult and for me, there are times where I have to say enough is enough. At some point you have to decide when to stop trying and move on to finish the stage.


  •  Aim Like a Rifle. I love to shoot shotgun. It is so much fun and you can go fast- well relatively fast. Misses with the shotgun are inexcusable in 3Gun. Misses = loading and loading = time. Want to shoot faster- Don’t Miss. It sounds easy but when you get going it can be tough. Remembering to aim carefully is important.
  • Stop the gun. Have I mentioned how much I like shotgun? How you can go fast? Well, just like you need to follow through with pistol double taps you need to keep the shotgun still and not move while you pull the trigger. Remember: Misses = loading and loading = time. Hold the shotgun still!

Big thanks to the ladies of the Pro squad. It was an honor to be part of your match, and even more to help bring a new group of ladies to the sport!