5 Great Things From #SHOTShowMediaDay

Media day is a fun and dusty event. With lots of new guns and a bunch of non-shooting exhibitors it really is the first of the first of the biggest show of the year. While I didn’t get to do much shooting, (dang work :)) I still saw some cool things.

1) The Comp-Tac Booth! This year we brought a new person Randy- I know great name. It was nice to have an extra person and great to see the show through a newbies eyes.

2) Smith and Wesson Guns! I did sneak a little chance to go check out the Smith booth. The ported CORE is way too much fun!

3) Winchesters Ballistic Blocks- I had never seen one of these in person. It was cool to see their display.

4) The ProMatic Thrower of all throwers! I am not an experienced Shotgun Shooter so this was unusual for me. I think it would be WAY to much fun to take this home

5)Tactical Walls- These guys were in the booth next to me. Very cool product that I think would look great in my house. Is it too early to start talking to Santa?

6) MagOrganizer- If you are like me you have mags all piled up in a tupperwear buried in your safe/ closet. Not anymore! This things is awesome and will screw/ magnet to your safe and hold 6 fully loaded AR mags. Zombie Apocalypse I have ammo ready.
 First day down 4 to go!
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