5 Reloading Tips for the Off Season

Now that the off season is here we are all taking a little break from the travel to spend time with family and catch up on old projects. But, as is the case with most shooters the off season brings its own set of training and prep. For me it is loading ammo. I try to get a head start in next year. Here are 5 things I do to make it a little easier.
 1) Always leave the loading machine fully stocked and ready. There is nothing as frustrating as sneaking away to load a few to find no clean brass, no bullets and not a single primer tube loaded. If you leave it set up and ready you’ll be happier and more productive.

2) One Shot Brass Lubricant. Call me a sissy if you want but everyone I have had try this doesn’t look back.

3) Weight the primer follower. I have found that for me the primer stick needs a little extra weight, but this is a personal suggestion, please follow the directions of your loading machine.

4) Use a mirror to see the powder. I am short enough I can’t see down into the case. A mirror helps me to see if there is powder in the case.

5) Use an Ice Scoop to get more brass and bullets. It makes it a lot easier to grab and pour into the hopper.
 Have a great off season and enjoy all those projects!