Behind the Scenes: Ammo and Attitude Season 4 Episode 6

Episode 6- Rodeo

Episode 6 was all about livestock and the rodeo! This was by far the scariest episode we filmed all season and probably the most exciting.

I have to admit; I am not a livestock person. I have never owned any kind of large animal, I think cows are great for eating and the last time I rode a horse I was two and my mother made me sit on it for a photo. Episode six was a little difficult for me to relate to because I know nothing about horses, cows or the rodeo, but it was really interesting to watch.

A couple of the contestants had some skills when it came to the rodeo and it really showed, other did not. I think that this episode was one of the most difficult for the contestants who didn’t have the experience and weren’t sure how to adapt.

Having no horse experience myself I can’t give advice on how I would have handled it. I don’t know if I could have been brave enough to face those cows coming out of the chute, I have the greatest respect for the ladies that did.

In many of the Ammo and Attitude episodes I wished I had been a contestant. Episode six was not one of those episodes.