Behind the Scenes: Ammo and Attitude Season 4 Episode 7

Episode 7- Long Range

Episode 7 was all about explosions! I loved, loved, loved filming the episodes with exploding targets, and episode 7 was especially fun with the exploding hay bales!

Filming episode 7 was one of my favorite behind the scenes episodes. H2 exploding targets sent down two different target experts to help during the different episodes and those guys were amazing! I learned so much about exploding targets and the behind the scenes production.

Episode 7 started out as a pretty amazing feat, simply because we had such a great opportunity to shoot at such long distances. The shows producer had the  foresight to set up the shoot on the Rivergate’s runway so we had over 1000 yards to shoot! I have never had the opportunity to be on a range that large or to shoot at such long distances.

Once we got to the runway the H2 representative started putting together the exploding packages. I have had the opportunity to see tanarite and similar exploding materials shot before, but I have never gotten to see the way they are prepared. The shows producers and crew did a great job of providing targets for the contestants. For instance, did you know that there are different grades of H2 to be used for different firearms and distances?

If you would like more info on H2 targets please visit the H2 Website.