Behind the Scenes: Ammo and Attitude Season 4 Episode 8

Episode 8- Crossbow

Episode 8 was one of the very coolest episodes to film all season. The owner of Excalibur Crossbows came out to set up the course and show us all how to shoot! It was a really amazing experience.

Before being the host on Ammo and Attitude the only experience I had with a bow and arrow of any type was with a bargain store model that was made with plastic and kite string.

Episode 8 of the show had on one of the industries leading experts with crossbows. Not only was he kind enough to help us set up the course (aren’t fire rings the coolest thing ever?) but he also gave us all a crash course in shooting the crossbow.

While I would not count myself an expert I did learn a lot and one of the biggest things I learned was about wind and lead. This was a different concept for me because I have never shot at such a great distance I had to think about wind from a firearms perspective. It really made a difference in the shows outcome.