Four Reasons Club Matches Are Great Practice

There are lots of ways to practice to be a better shooter. You can dry fire, you can go to the range to live fire and you can go to your local club matches. All of them have pluses and minuses- here are four reasons that I love making club matches as part of my practice.
 One: Get Used to Pressure!
 Shooting a match can be a nerve racking event. You are trying to hit all the targets as fast as you can while a timer is running and there are other people around! It can be a nerve racking event, but starting at a club match really helps. Club matches are great for learning to manage your nervousness.
 Two: Learn New Skills
 Going to club matches are a great way to learn more about shooting and develop skills to be a better shooter. Not sure what target to shoot first? Go to a club match, talk to your fellow shooters and try out different things. You will be exposed to new stages, targets, and different shooting positions.
 Three: Opportunity to Learn More About You Gun
 As much as we want our guns and ammo to work perfectly every time, occasionally things go wrong. You get a bad piece of brass or you forget to oil and have a hiccup. The more you shoot the more you get a chance to see those hiccups. You get to learn what you need to do; tap, rack and clear any malfunctions that might come up.
 Four: You Get to Meet New People!
 Every shooter I’ve met has some great skills. No matter if you are a first time shooter or experienced every stage is the opportunity to learn something new and by watching other shooters you can learn even more. Watch your fellow shooters and you can see things up to 10 times on one stage! Club matches are an excellent way to learn how to think on your feet and learn different ways to break down and problem solve new and other shooting skills.
 If you have the opportunity to add club matches to your practice schedule I highly recommend it- get out there and have some fun!
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