Gladiator Holster Review

Gladiator ReviewOne of the perks of my job as Sales and Marketing Manager for Comp-Tac is that I get to test out and wear all the holsters. It is helpful to know what are the pluses and minuses of holsters when speaking with customers and looking at what new products we can design. The Gladiator Holster is an Hybrid OWB holster that offers a lot of great features, but with most things you don’t get something great without giving something up. I give it 4 stars- find out why.

The Gladiator

The Gladiator is an outside the waistband hybrid holster that is made of part Kydex and part leather. The back of the holster that sits against the body is pure Cowhide while the front of the holster is Kydex. The Kydex shell is attached to the leather with 5 screws- 4 to hold it on, and 1 to set the retention on how tight the holster holds the firearm.

I have worn this holster pretty often because I find it very comfortable. It is outside the waistband which means that I can wear my pants more form fitting without having to worry about how the firearm fits in my waistband. The back of the holster is leather so when I sit in a car or at my desk I don’t have a huge piece of plastic poking me in the ribs.

To attach the holster to my belt there are two leather loops that snap closed. When I first got the holster they were set to 1.5″ This made them a very tight fit around my Kydex lined belt. I ended up adjusting them to the 1.75″ length. They had a pre drilled hole in the leather so changing them took a phillips head screwdriver and about 2 minutes. This made them a lot easier to snap around my belt. I recommend taking the gun out when snapping to your belt as it makes it less awkward.

The Gladiator is made gun specific so the fit is very exact. I feel comfortable drawing from it and have been able to adjust the retention so I am sure it will stay holstered in my day to day activities.

The one drawback for me is on hiding the holster. It fits very close to the body so I don’t worry about the thickness, but the height of the holster can be a challenge. The holster sits with the grip above my belt but most of my S&W Shield’s barrel extends past my belt. I have found that a lot of women’s shirts, jackets and vests are cut pretty short at the waist before the hips. These are often too short to hide even my small gun. I can only wear the Gladiator if I wear a longer jacket or shirt.

Gladiator Review:
Design: OWB, Hybrid, Retention Screw * * * * *
Comfort: OWB * * * * *
Attachment to Belt: Two Snap Loops * * *
Fit/Function: * * * * *
Hidability: * *

Overall Rating: ****- 4 Stars!

Want to try one for yourself? Have questions? Give me a call at Comp-Tac we would be happy to help.