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Holy Terror Lady Shooting System - Sweetheart Series

Mernickle Holsters are the finest Cowboy Action Holsters.  Holy Terror has designed a ling of holsters with a woman in mind!    From their website: “This is a fascinating shooting system.  The rig was developed with the direct input of “Holy Terror” – one of the hottest shooters on the circuit today.  What Holy Terror had noticed was the discomfort a mans rig made for her when competing.  She found that the guns sat to high and tipped in at the top not allowing for a comfortable draw.  This is the same problem a good percentage of female shooters have found over the years.  So Holy Terror wanted some big changes.  Bob Mernickle and Holy Terror spent a lot of time working out the solution.  After many discussions, Holy Terror took delivery of the first proto type.  She says this is one hot rig.  As designs go, we hit the nail on the head!”

Here are some of the features of “The Holy Terror Shooting System”:

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Close up view of the Python Snake Inlay

A lady cut belt to contour to the shape of a woman

Suede lined belt for more stability (no more riding up in the heat of competition)

An extended drop on each holster so the gun clears at a lower level (no more feeling like it is just under the arm pit)

Metal lined to allow the gun to re-holster without the fear of the holster collapsing when the gun is pulled

holy terror shooting systems, randi rogers, randi rogers shooting, holy terror, sass, cowboy action, best woman's holster, woman's holster for sassA flair to the opening to allow a faster re-holster

Metal laminated between two pieces of leather in the rear skirting and formed to fit a woman’s figure.  This has allowed the holster to form to the ladies body but at the same time keeps the gun vertical for a perfect draw

holy terror, randi rogers, randi rogers shooting system, holy terror shooting system, holy terror holsterT-nut lock system to lock the holster to the belt.  You can reposition the holsters by simply backing off the screws without hurting the belt.

Designed in body lock system to stabilize the holsters

All finished off in an attractive border tool design for a woman

holy terror shooting system, randi rogers, randi rogers shooting system, holy terror, sass, cowboy action shooting
The Holy Terror Shooting System in Sunset