June- Time for A Gear Check

sunJune is here! I love June because it has some of my favorite matches. You have the West Coast Steel Challenge, the Carolina Cup and the SASS World Championship. Too much fun! But with all the sun and shooting I have decided to add a very important task: June Gear Check!

The June Gear Check is something that I am instituting because of a horrible fail I had last year. I got all ready to attend the SASS world championship but had not gone over my gear and ended up having gun problems the whole match. So, to make sure to learn from my mistakes, I am going to take a small break and spend a whole weekend getting caught up, organized and in tip-top shape for the busy summer ahead. Here is some stuff I am going to look at:

1) Spring/ Parts Check- I have been loving shooting my S&W M&P’s, but just like any gun you have to make sure that you keep track of how old your springs are. I like to change out my springs at the 10,000 round mark (approximately). Being four months into the season I am pretty sure I have passed that so it is time for new recoil and trigger springs. I also want to take a few minutes to check parts like firing pins and magazines.
2) Accessories Maintenance- Just like all of my guns have wear and tear my general equipment does as well. Time to give everything a little once over to make it is in good condition. Some things I will be checking are: screws- holster and magazine pouch screws sometimes get lose, gun cleaning supplies- is it time to stock up and finally don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen for all those summer shooting coming up.
3) Loading Machine Cleaning- I am one of those people who loads to shoot not loads to load. Basically, I want to load as many bullets as fast as I can so I can get to the range faster. Because of that, my loading machine/ room tents to get a little messy. With six more months of the shooting season ahead of me it is time to take a minute to clean and organize to keep the machine up and running.

So, here comes the weekend with chores galore, but I know when I am done I will feel great knowing that all my gear is good to go. What kind of maintenance do you during the shooting season?