Match Notes in My Shooting Book

 I love airplanes! It is one o the few places in my life where I am forced to sit quietly with no interruptions and I can work on anything I want without feeling guilty I should be doing something else.
 When flying back from matches I have the opportunity to sit down and make notes in my shooting book.
 My shooting book is nothing special. It is an old day planner that zips closed and will fit easily in my carry on and shooting bag. My book is where I try to keep all the information on shooting. I keep a record of my round count, when I maintenance gun parts, my chrono log and even my ammunition load data.
 I also keep my mental game straight in my book. This is the place where I write down when I practice and what I work on. I make reminders on what skills I can improve upon and what I am doing well. This is where I can pep talk and improve my self image.
 Now that the Production Nationals are over here are a few notes I have for myself:
 1- Great job shooting strong on the first stage of the first day.
 2- PASA Park has new steel, make sure to practice hard cover steel shots when traveling to PASA again.
 3- The KT tape worked great, trust yourself when running through long field courses.
 4- When practicing at home: work on low targets through a port. Is it better to stick arms all the way through or go one handed?
 5- The cheese and fruit snacks worked well at keeping you full and energized.
 These notes are great to have when I start looking at what to work on for e next match.
 Consider keeping a shooting book either by with an book or on your phone. It can help you remember all those important lessons we learn! Stay safe and shoot straight!