My 5 Favorite Moments from 2014 SHOT Show!

The National Shooting Sports Foundation SHOT Show is the biggest event in the shooting/ hunting/ outdoor industry. Every year it is a wild week of meetings, business dinners, parties and lots and lots of new guns and gear. This year was one of my favorite so far with 5 big stand outs.

1) Signing Autographs at the Smith & Wesson Booth!


I recently had an awesome opportunity to join Team Smith & Wesson and I have to say being at the booth was SO much fun. My fellow teammates and the Thompson Center hunters were all so nice and so many people stopped by I almost didn’t get to say Hi to them all.

2) Shooting in the 3 Gun Nation Shoot Off!
This year was the 3rd annual 3Gun Nation Shoot-Off Rumble on the Range at SHOT Show. However, this was also the 1st year that they gave a grand prize to the Pro-Ladies of $25,000. I shot well enough last year to make the shoot off, and while I may not have won I put up a fight. I was so excited to be part of a  monumental moment in the history of Ladies shooting, I couldn’t have been happier, except maybe if I won :).

3) NSSF Seminar: Marketing To Women

For the past 5 years there has been volumes of discussion on how important the ladies market is to the shooting industry. Women are the fastest growing segment of new shooting and new concealed carry owners and businesses have been trying to get our business. However, this year was the first year that I have seen any concrete research done on what women really want. I was extremely lucky to be part of a panel of some of the industries most talented and influential women who spoke to 150 businesses at SHOT about what women want to see in gun shops! It was so exciting and I was honored to be asked.

4) Comp-Tac and Media Day at the Range
The Media Day at the Range is a fun event where companies can go show off their new outdoor products to all the industries media in the natural environment. This year I was able to attend (the much warmer event :)) with the company I work for Comp-Tac Victory Gear. It was such a pleasure to meet and greet everyone in the industry and catch up with friends that I see only once a year!

5) Meeting Shelley Ray from HerCamoShop!
Joining the HerCamoShop Staff has been a little scary since I am so new to the hunting scene but the staff at HerCamoShop has been awesome in making me feel at home. While I was at SHOT I was able to meet Shelley Ray and she was awesome! So thankful to be part of her team!

While there are countless other moments, and meals that I would love to talk about I would be on here forever! What were your favorite moments from the 2014 SHOT Show?