Open Range to Oven Range: White Tail Jerky

I am a big fan of jerky! It is easy to carry tastes, yummy and is one of my favorite snacks on the range.

My husband has made jerky his whole life but we hadn’t ever gotten around to doing it together. Recently we gave it another shot with some Whitetail Backstrap we had.

I am going to be honest- we were playing with the recipe and we forgot to write down the actual measurements! But, I do have a list of what we used. I liked the flavor but next time I will use more brown sugar.

Soy Sauce
Liquid Smoke
Cayenne Pepper
McCormick Red/Black HotShot Pepper
Brown Sugar

Since I haven’t made jerky before I did a lot more watching and picture tasting, I mean taking, and let Gordon make it up.

The key parts he stressed were:
-Trim, Trim, Trim everything off the meat. Pretty easy to do with Backstrap.
-Try to cut evenly so it will dry equally
– Let it marinade overnight.



After that we threw it in the Dehydrator. We have a LEM brand which was easy to use and clean. This one only took 4 hours!

After that it was onto the eating! Yum, yum, yum!

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