Open Range to Oven Range- Whitetail Backstrap in the Oven

I had the opportunity to cull a few white tail recently so I had another Backstrap to experiment with! I decided to try something new and used Google to find a new recipe.
 I found a blog by Chef Randy King with a post of “Best Backstrap Ever” with a story and recipe. His recipie says to seat it and roast it. Sounded pretty simple.
 I took a little while to trim all the blue/silver skin off. I also rinsed it and patted it dry. I have been doing this with a lot of my meat lately and it seems to seat better if it is dry. Then I rubbed it down with salt and pepper.
 I used my trusty cast iron skillet and heated a couple table spoons of olive oil until it was smoking. I seared it about 30-45 seconds on each side. I think I might try a little longer next time.
 This was not in chef King’s blog but after I seared it I let it sit for about 30 minutes to completely cool down. I have heard that if you do this it helps to get a larger portion of the meat that rare temperature. If you put it in still hot you will only get a little sliver of the rare surrounded by a large ring of medium.
 While the Backstrap was cooling I sliced up some potatoes and tossed them in olive oil and salt and pepper. I cooked then 15 minutes and turned them.
 I think the only reason the Backstrap came out so well was my new favorite gadget- the in oven thermometer! This baby is awesome. Chef King suggested cooking to a temp of 117- that sounded a little rare for my personal taste so I did 125. This only took about 12 minutes at 350 degrees. Then I took it out and let it sit.

The potatoes got 15 more minutes and then put them on broil until they browned up a little bit. Green beans finished out the meal.
 I was REALLY happy with how this turned out. The Backstrap was tender and flavorful and I couldn’t have been happier! Good luck and great cooking!
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