Organization Tip: 10 T-Shirt Toss Out

With the start of a new year my biggest goal is always to get organized! Nothing makes it easier to focus on shooting, training and all around gun stuff than to be  organized. However, getting organized can be difficult; where do you start, what do you do how do you possibly make room for everything?

For me to stay I have to take one small task at a time.  If i try to tackle my whole house then I get overwhelmed and quite before I start.

My little organization tip of the week is to do a 10 T-Shirt Toss Out. If you are anything like me you have more clothes than you know what to do with.  Work clothes, shooting clothes, cowboy action shooting clothes, work out clothes, everyday clothes, dressy clothes etc are all filling up my closets. While I love to joke that it is just because I am a girl I think both the ladies and gentlemen know that women don’t own the market on too many outfits :).

So my first organization task is to throw away 10 t-shirts. I hate doing this by the way. However, I can’t put away all my clothes and the stack on the dresser is driving me nuts.

So here are my guidelines for getting rid of 10 T-shirts

1) Get rid of anything with a rip, tear or lose stitching. As much as I promise myself I will fix it I know deep down I won’t.

2) Get rid of anything with a stain or spot. I hate to admit to this but I sometimes sweat, I sometimes drip salsa or spaghetti sauce when I eat and I occasionally wash my clothes with chap stick and get spots all over them. It is time to give these up.

3) Get rid of anything that does fit. I love getting the free match t-shirt but sometimes all they have left is a man’s extra-large. I always tell myself, “I can wear it to bed or to work out in” but I never do and instead it just fills up my draws. Time to keep only what fits.

4) If I haven’t worn it in a year. I love cotton t-shirt and I wear them a lot but I also do a lot of laundry and my stack of “everyday” t-shirts for lounging, working out or range time is now about a foot tall. The bottom 4 t-shirts haven’t been worn all year and it is time for some of them to go. If I like the ones on the bottom then I need to throw the top ones away.

Yesterday I spent approximately 5 minutes throwing out 10 t-shirts. I do feel a little bad because I didn’t donate them, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to make it to the donation center and I didn’t want to just create a pile, plus I don’t think it is nice to donate torn or stained shirts.

Now I have an empty half drawer to put away more clothes and I am a step closer to being organized. What do you do to keep your clothing organized?