Organization Tip: Keep Travel Information Handy

One thing I have learned traveling is you should always prepare for the worst; take rain gear and hope it doesn’t rain, pack long sleeves and short in case it is cold, always carry a jacket. One area where I go a little old school is with my travel documents. With technology today you should be able to just keep everything on your phone and be good to go, but there have been several times where going that method has put me in a pickle. If you are roaming, if you have little to no service, if your phone battery dies, all of these things can leave you stranded or frustrated when you don’t have your account numbers, reservations or directions.

So when I travel I like to print out all my documents to have a hard copy to keep with me. The documents I print include:

Airline Reservation
Rental Car Reservation
Hotel Reservation
Directions from Airport to Hotel
Directions from Hotel to Range

After I get all of these together I then put them in an envelope and keep them in my carry on. The envelope serves dual purpose as it helps me keep things together and also allows me to keep my receipts which make tracking expenses a lot easier.

I am always looking for better ways to stay organized when I travel- do you have any travel secrets?