Organization Tip: Unpacking the Organized Way

luggage clip artWell the 2014 SHOT Show has come and gone and now we are to my least favorite part: unpacking! As much as I don’t enjoy it I have found that following a few simple tricks while unpacking can help you stay more organized for the next trip.

1) Unpack all at once- as tempting as it might be to just grab what you need and go on to the next activity I have found there is nothing worse than having a big pile of luggage sitting someplace with a hodgepodge of gear inside. Unpack it all at once and you will be able to find everything the minute you need it.

2) Empty Every Single Pocket of your Luggage- whenever I come home I always check all the pockets from the outside to the inside. You will be amazed at what I find I have stuffed in random pockets. This also includes my purse, I am forever putting my ear protection in it and then I can’t find it for the next practice.

3) Go Through the Range Bag- If you are going somewhere on a shooting trip it is a good idea to unpack your range bag as well. When I fly I like to put my range bag in a suitcase as one piece, but when I get home I like to go through the whole bag. This keeps me from accumulating extra stuff in my range bag. It is amazing how heavy it can get so take out old match stage books, squished granola bars or those used cleaning rags.

My best defense against chaos and staying organized is to do a little bit everyday. Taking an organized approach to unpacking helps me be ready for the next trip. What do you do to make the unpacking process easier?