Media: Massad Ayoob on Guns- Chicks Rule at IDPA Nationals

One of my favorite people in the industry is Mr. Massad Ayoob. I met him at my very first IDPA Nationals and he was amazingly kind and patient with my newness. He recently published an article about the 2013 IDPA Nationals where he highlighted the fact that so many women not only shot the match but placed highly overall. Big thanks for the mention Massad! Please click the photo to see the full article.

Massad Ayoob

SHOT Show Marketing to Women Retail Seminar

It is already that time of year again- SHOT Show Planning. I looked at my calendar today and we are about two months away. AHHHHH! If you are like me and starting to plan what to do and where to go I have a great suggested event: The Marketing to Women Retail Seminar. I just got an email from the my NSSF contact and it is 80% full! Don’t miss your chance to hear  Julie Golob, Barbara Baird, Linda Powell, Kate Krueger, Suzi Huntington, Gabby Franco, and myself give our tips and advice on marketing to women.

SHOT Seminar

Marketing to Women –   Retail SeminarDiscuss the do’s and don’ts of retailing to the fastest   growing market segment, women, as part of the 2014 Retailer Seminar Series.   This panel discussion includes a number of the top women shooters, executives   and retailers from the firearms industry. View   a full list here of seminars about successfully managing and growing your   business. You can still register by using your login   ID here.

3 Lessons from the 2013 IDPA National Championship

Photo by Dustin Pluth.
Photo by Dustin Pluth.

Whenever I shoot a match the first thing I like to ask myself when it is finished is: What did I learn? I think this is especially important when it comes to National Championships because they often offer a more diverse set of challenges and more lessons. Three big lessons I learned at the IDPA Nationals were preparing for weather, shooting with sun glare and remembering your cool while shooting a difficult stage.

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Press Release: Comp-Tac’s Randi Rogers Takes High Lady at IDPA Nationals

The 2013 IDPA National Championship was loads of fun to shoot! Holding the match in Tulsa made it almost right in my back yard. I was able to go up on Wednesday and work the Comp-Tac Booth in the vendor area and then shoot the match on Friday and Saturday. It was an amazing match and I was honored to finish as the High Lady Champion!
Comp-Tac’s Randi Rogers Takes High Lady

TULSA, Okla. – Comp-Tac’s Randi Rogers – the newest member of Team Smith & Wesson – claimed yet another High Lady title with her dominating performance at this year’s IDPA U.S. National Championship.

Competing in the Stock Service Pistol division, Rogers finished as the third Master, fourth in the division and 11th overall on her way to winning the High Lady title with a final time of 262.59 seconds while shooting 66 points down.

Press Release: World Ranked Competitive Shooter Randi Rogers Joins Team Smith and Wesson

This fall has been absolutely crazy and I have fallen behind on posting a lot of my recent news! I am so excited to post this information about my joining Team Smith & Wesson. I have been watching the current Smith & Wesson shooting team for years and have long admired their shooters, the equipment and the companies support of the shooting sports and the second amendment. Being part of such a wonderful organization is an honor and I look forward to 2014 for many new and exciting challenges.
World Ranked Competitive Shooter Randi Rogers Joins Team Smith & Wesson

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Smith & Wesson Corp. announced Thursday that Randi Rogers has been selected as the newest member of the Smith & Wesson Professional Shooting Team. A world and nationally ranked competitive shooter, Rogers joins an elite group of accomplished team members who compete under the Team Smith & Wesson banner while highlighting the company’s world-class competition firearms. Rogers joins world-renowned and highly accomplished team members Jerry Miculek, Doug Koenig and Julie Golob.
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Made the News at Area 7- WMUR New Hampshire

While I was at Area 7 a couple of weeks ago the local news affiliate WMUR came out to do a piece on the match. The match director very graciously introduced the reporter Jennifer to me and I was able to say hello and answer some questions. It is always an honor to represent the shooting sports and the peice turned out very positive. To see the full story please visit the WMUR Page Here.

WMUR News Page