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This year I am so excited because I am getting the chance to accomplish one of the goals I had set for myself. When 2014 started I had the resolution that I wanted to write more; I wanted to do more on my blog and I wanted to find another place to write. Well, I am SO excited because the Women’s Outdoor News has given me the chance to write! Please check out The Rogers Report my new column on the Women’s Outdoor News. For my first month I decided to do a little blast from the past and talk about the gear involved in Cowboy Action Shooting.

Organization Tip: Keep Travel Information Handy

One thing I have learned traveling is you should always prepare for the worst; take rain gear and hope it doesn’t rain, pack long sleeves and short in case it is cold, always carry a jacket. One area where I go a little old school is with my travel documents. With technology today you should be able to just keep everything on your phone and be good to go, but there have been several times where going that method has put me in a pickle. If you are roaming, if you have little to no service, if your phone battery dies, all of these things can leave you stranded or frustrated when you don’t have your account numbers, reservations or directions.

So when I travel I like to print out all my documents to have a hard copy to keep with me. The documents I print include:

Airline Reservation
Rental Car Reservation
Hotel Reservation
Directions from Airport to Hotel
Directions from Hotel to Range

After I get all of these together I then put them in an envelope and keep them in my carry on. The envelope serves dual purpose as it helps me keep things together and also allows me to keep my receipts which make tracking expenses a lot easier.

I am always looking for better ways to stay organized when I travel- do you have any travel secrets?

Media: USPSA Front Site – A Chat with Randi Rogers













The United State Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) has done a phenomenal job updating the layout of their magazine: Front Site. This year they did an issue about all the National Championships; Limited, Open/ L-10 and Production. I was really honored to be included in an interview article written by Shelley Rae! We covered highlights from the Production Nationals, touched base on the 2013 IPSC Nationals, preparation and training for nationals as well as 3Gun! Thanks Shelley it was a pleasure speaking with you.


What the Big Football Game Taught Me About Shooting

For possibly the first time in my life I actually watched the big game on Sunday. I am not normally a big football fan but while it really surprised me how the course of the game affected the players and how the teams reacted.  I can’t claim to know anything about football or psychology but I have seen some of the same things happen to me and fellow competitors on the shooting range.

So, while I was watching the game I made some notes in my Shooter’s Notebook on things that I want to make sure to do and things I want to avoid in the future.

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Media: Shooters Magazine Interview with Randi Rogers

Last month I had the opportunity to get together with Dani Oakley from The Shooters Magazine. We had the change to go over guns, practice routines, different matches from the last year, advice for new shooters and even 3Gun Shooting! It was great to speak with her. Thanks Dani!

Organization Tip: Unpacking the Organized Way

luggage clip artWell the 2014 SHOT Show has come and gone and now we are to my least favorite part: unpacking! As much as I don’t enjoy it I have found that following a few simple tricks while unpacking can help you stay more organized for the next trip.

1) Unpack all at once- as tempting as it might be to just grab what you need and go on to the next activity I have found there is nothing worse than having a big pile of luggage sitting someplace with a hodgepodge of gear inside. Unpack it all at once and you will be able to find everything the minute you need it.

2) Empty Every Single Pocket of your Luggage- whenever I come home I always check all the pockets from the outside to the inside. You will be amazed at what I find I have stuffed in random pockets. This also includes my purse, I am forever putting my ear protection in it and then I can’t find it for the next practice.

3) Go Through the Range Bag- If you are going somewhere on a shooting trip it is a good idea to unpack your range bag as well. When I fly I like to put my range bag in a suitcase as one piece, but when I get home I like to go through the whole bag. This keeps me from accumulating extra stuff in my range bag. It is amazing how heavy it can get so take out old match stage books, squished granola bars or those used cleaning rags.

My best defense against chaos and staying organized is to do a little bit everyday. Taking an organized approach to unpacking helps me be ready for the next trip. What do you do to make the unpacking process easier?