Media: The Shooters Mindset Live Chat/ Podcast with Randi Rogers

The Shooters Mindset is a podcast that does a live show while they record. Every Wednesday at 9pm eastern the show’s hosts Anthony Cruz and Dustin Pluth set up a Google hang out and bring in different shooters to interview as well as do weekly giveaways. In October they were nice enough to have me on for lucky number 13. While it is no longer live you can still tune in on YouTube. Thanks Anthony and Dustin!

Media: The ShootingUSA Pod Cast

shooting usaI love listening to podcasts while I exercise. It gives me a great way to pass the time and I usually get to learn a lot of interesting things. One of my favorites is The Shooting USA Pod Cast. The hosts of Shooting USA the TV show get to do interviews on location while covering matches,   events and other outdoors activities. John Scoutten interviewed me at the 2013 Back to Back USPSA Nationals. Big Thanks John!


Smith & Wesson’s Randi Rogers Wins High Lady At S&W IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals

This past weekend was the inaugural IDPA BUG Gun Nationals. I had the best time shooting the match! I really enjoyed the brand new experience and I look forward to attending again next year! Big thank you to all my sponsors for helping me attend.
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Randi Rogers, wearing her new Smith & Wesson shooting team jersey, and armed with her new M&P Compact 9mm, continued her amazing win streak in IDPA competition with her High Lady title win at the inaugural Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals.
Randi Rogers spent the match shooting side-by-side with friend and Smith & Wesson teammate Julie Golob who returned to competition after the birth of her second daughter earlier this year. The two swapped stage wins back and forth on the first four stages until Rogers settled in, claiming eight more stage wins – two of them overall stage wins in the division.
Rogers finished the match and took the High Lady title with a final time of 212.20 seconds, shooting 98 points down, which placed her sixth Master and seventh overall in the Pistol division, and 11th among all competitors in the championship.
“Randi is hands down IDPA’s top woman shooter and consistently among the top shooters overall. She has not been defeated in IDPA competition in a number of years and her performance this weekend shows why,” said Joyce Wilson, executive director of IDPA.
Second place went to Golob who finished with a time of 261.56 seconds shooting 132 points down. Joyce Wilson took third among the women with 324.76 (103), followed by Judith Szczygiel in fourth with 326.56 (149). Rounding out the top five was Tammy Lyne who scored one stage win and finished with 353.93 (235).All five women competed in the Pistol division.
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Press Release: HERCAMOSHOP Adds Pro- and Field-Staff

Really exciting news! This competitive shooting season has been crazy, but I have started a new hobby earlier this year: hunting! After I finish the IDPA BUG Gun Nationals I am going to head out to my grandparents place and do a little more hunting this winner.

I am VERY excited to announce that as I explore my new hobby I am honored to join the HERCAMOSHOP Pro team! I am very excited to join an amazing group of talented ladies, learn all about the clothing and supplies that go into hunting and even more excited to see what products might cross back over into my competitive shooting. Looking forward to developing myself as a true outdoors woman. 🙂

her camo pro staff 2 Her Camo Shop Pro Staff







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