Texas State Open USPSA Recap

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March 2013 started off with a bang at the 2013 TX State Open USPSA match. This was a fun match for me because I was able to shoot on my home range.

Competing at home can be challenging because it is hard not to get to complacent. I had to remind myself all day that this was a REAL match and not just for fun. It made for an interesting challenge. One thing I would suggest is that if you are having issues with staying in “match” mode on your home range you can do some things to make it more real.

1) I stayed in a hotel the night before. It was $100 bucks well spent for me because I am so used to being in a hotel it made my prep the same.

2) I shot with some new people. If you try to shoot with all your buddies at your state match it can turn into laughing and joking really easy. This is good if you are trying to relax but can be bad if you are trying to stay focused.

3) Don’t forget your mental game. For me when I shoot at home I sometimes go on autopilot thinking I don’t have to plan as hard. It is really important to mentally walk through the stage even if things look familiar.

Randi Rogers Shooting Stage 5 at TX State USPSA

The match was great with 12 challenging stages that kept us all on our toes. Lots of close targets, but still some challenges thrown in there with lots of hard cover and no-shoots.

Big thanks to all the RO’s and match staff. Can’t wait to shoot again next year!