Training Tip- Planning Your Practice

When it comes to practice time I know that the biggest thing I always want is more time and more ammo! While I can’t really help with ammo, I do have a trick that can help you with more time – Planning!

Planning your practice will help you get the most out of your practice time. Through efficient use of your time, you will become a better shooter because you will have more time and will be able to work on the areas you really need to work on.

Here is an example of a practice plan for my practice today:

Date: 9/4/2013
Last Match: Rockcastle Pro/Am
Finish: 4th Lady
1. Good Pistol- Lots of small targets! Remember in 3 Gun 2 shots anywhere.
2.  Rifle- Long range needs work. Need to work on staying steady in position. Reverse kneeling. Try moving sights onto target while squeezing rather than trying to hold perfectly steady.
3. Shotgun- Hit the targets!!! Practice loading while moving different directions, backward, forward, side to side.
Next Match: 3Gun Pro Series Match 4
Guns: 9mm Glock 34, Benelli M2, Stagg Rifle
Round Count: 100 pistol, 100 rifle, 100 shotgun
Skills to Work:
1. Shotgun- Set up clays/ small steel. Practice moving while shooting, HITTING THE TARGETS! Load two at a time, shoot, load- gets more practice with less shells.
2. Pistol- Moving and shooting. Set up hallway style course and practice keeping two shots on paper while the feet stay moving.
3. Rifle- Practice offhand! Try the moving sights onto target while squeezing- NEW TECHNIQUE.
After Practice Evaluation: ???

I always like to take a few minutes to think about the last match I was at. What did I do well at that match? Where did I struggle? This is the most important part of match practice because this is where I make sure I am making improvements where I need them.

After I know the skills I need to work on I can think about the next match I am going to. Sometimes the skills are the same. Today I am lucky because I am going to the same match with the same skills. Sometimes I have to put things on my Practice To Do list if I am heading into a different sport, but making notes helps me keep track.

After I know what I have done, and where I am going I can pick specific drills to set up. These drills will help to fix problems I have or improve on skills I am doing well at. I never spend time thinking, “What shall I do today?”

Last but not least. When you are done make some notes. Hopefully today’s practice will go well and my notes can be- Great job today!

I recommend creating a notebook or binder that you can keep in your shooters bag with your notes. If you would like you can use my practice template Practice Plan- Randi Rogers.

I am always looking for ideas to get more out of my practice. How do you plan your practice? Please share!