Which Mag Do You Draw First?

 The past week I got to do two fun things at the range: prepare for Production Nationals and test out Comp-Tac’s new PLM Magazine Pouches. The magazine pouches were great! The practice- even better.
 While setting up a little stage to practice I discovered something interesting.
 Starting position gun empty on a table, magazines on your person.
 At the buzzer load your gun and shoot the 14 round stage.
 Now shooting production I have to reload once on this stage.
 Here is the interesting part- I shot the stage 4 times. The first two times I drew a mag from the back of my belt. My first shots were 2.99 and 2.83. Then I saw my practice partner was drawing his first mag. Why? His reasoning was- he only had to reload once, drawing his first mag was faster and it only put him going to his second for the reload.
 So, the next two runs I tried it. Times for the first shots were 2.58 and 2.4. Now you could say I was just going faster because I had practiced it 4 times- but 1/2 a second is significant.
 Moral of the story- on a short stage with an unloaded start-
 I am going to draw my first mag.
 Not sure which mag you should draw first? Pull out your timer and see. What are your times for drawing different mags?
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