Why I Look Forward to #SHOTShow

For many of us who work in the outdoor industry SHOT Show is a love hate relationship. We spend hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and our blood, sweat and tears for the chance to catch a cold and get sore feet. At the same time, it can truly be a once in a lifetime experience. In an effort to stay on the bright side here are some reasons I am looking forward to the show.
 1) The People- I love SHOT Show because I get to see some of the people I enjoy most in the world- my fellow shooters. For some, this is the only time of year I get to see them. In addition to all my old friends, I get to meet new ones.
 2) The Business- I am kind of a work junky and I enjoy seeing the business of SHOT Show. Everything from learning about booth design to sale promotions and media events. It is a huge thrill for me to see our industry growing.
 3) The Food! I love to eat and there are very few places in the world where you can get as good a meal as Vegas.
 4) The Plane Home 🙂 while this is not necessarily a SHOT Show thing I always look forward to going home knowing I worked hard and a job well done.
 I wish everyone the best SHOT Show possible and hope to see you all at the Comp-Tac or Smith and Wesson Booth!
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