Why I Love Working at the NRA Annual Meetings

If you have never had the opportunity to attend the National Rifle Associations Annual Meetings you are missing out on some of the most fun you can have off a shooting range. Literal acres of guns and gear, tens of thousands of people and visiting cities all over the United States make for a weekend of fun!
 While I absolutely love attending the show, I really enjoy working the show as an exhibitor. Work! That is right, I said the four letter word, but I have my reasons.
 Working the show gives me one of the greatest thrills- seeing a ginormous empty room become a veritable city of firearms gear. What starts out as an empty convention center becomes a room full of booths, gear and people in only two days. The process is amazing and even though it is work to set up, it is exciting to see the process from start to finish.

 Working the show also gives me the absolute best opportunity to meet more people! I have attended the NRA Show as just a spectator and all that walking around makes it difficult to connect with anyone. Cell phones never seem to work in convention halls so being at one (or two) places for the whole show gives you the chance to see everybody you already know, and to meet a whole group of new friends.

 While the work may come at the price of sore feet, sometimes it also gives you the bonus of insider information and opportunities. This year I was really lucky that along with signing autographs and answering questions in the Smith and Wesson booth I also got to see and be a part of the live podcast! Really exciting stuff.

While no one ever wants to go to work, I feel very blessed that my work takes me to such unique events and opportunities.