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RANDI ROGERS  - Shooting in the Outdoors

#SHOTShow Day 3

 Day 3 was lots of Indistry fun for me! I was very excited to participate in a seminar for SHOT attendees out on by the NSSF. Julie Golob and I spoke about Merchandizing to Women in a Retail setting. It was a wonderful opportunity to share our observations and knowledge with over 200 people!

The other great thing that happened on Day 3 was an awesome reception put on by First Shots. They are celebrating 10 YEARS! The do an awesome job sharing the shooting experience with new shooter. Tisma Juett is an amazing lady and spoke beautifully! Plus there was cake!
 It is almost time for the final day… In some ways it make me sad, in others- I can’t wait to get home. Here we go.
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#SHOTShow Day 2

Good Morning! SHOT Show day 2 was a day of work for me. As the Comp-Tac Sales and Marketing Manager SHOT Show is a great place for business.
 During day 2 of the show I was able to catch up with:
 -vendors who supply us materials
 - customers who are looking to add more products to their ranges, gun stores and training facilities
 - shipping agencies
 - packaging experts
 - media outlets
 All in all it was a very successful day! But I did get a little tuckered out so it was an early night for me.
 Day 3 has a bunch of exciting events planned- here we go off to the races.
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#SHOTShow Day 1

Standing here in the line for breakfast I have about 5 minutes to recap day one before I start Day 2. Here are some of my favorite highlights.

A selfie with both Jim and John Scoutten! I hardly ever see them together!

Seeing myself on TV! Yup, right there in the Smith and Wesson booth. :)

The new Leupold Delta Point! Very cool new features that make it much more user friendly.

Last but not least- I bribed my fellow Comp-Tacers with some State of the Industry tickets to model a couple of Comp-Tac holsters. Best money I’ve spent all week!
 Now on to the Show!
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5 Great Things From #SHOTShowMediaDay

Media day is a fun and dusty event. With lots of new guns and a bunch of non-shooting exhibitors it really is the first of the first of the biggest show of the year. While I didn’t get to do much shooting, (dang work :) ) I still saw some cool things.

1) The Comp-Tac Booth! This year we brought a new person Randy- I know great name. It was nice to have an extra person and great to see the show through a newbies eyes.

2) Smith and Wesson Guns! I did sneak a little chance to go check out the Smith booth. The ported CORE is way too much fun!

3) Winchesters Ballistic Blocks- I had never seen one of these in person. It was cool to see their display.

4) The ProMatic Thrower of all throwers! I am not an experienced Shotgun Shooter so this was unusual for me. I think it would be WAY to much fun to take this home

5)Tactical Walls- These guys were in the booth next to me. Very cool product that I think would look great in my house. Is it too early to start talking to Santa?

6) MagOrganizer- If you are like me you have mags all piled up in a tupperwear buried in your safe/ closet. Not anymore! This things is awesome and will screw/ magnet to your safe and hold 6 fully loaded AR mags. Zombie Apocalypse I have ammo ready.
 First day down 4 to go!
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Why I Look Forward to #SHOTShow

For many of us who work in the outdoor industry SHOT Show is a love hate relationship. We spend hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and our blood, sweat and tears for the chance to catch a cold and get sore feet. At the same time, it can truly be a once in a lifetime experience. In an effort to stay on the bright side here are some reasons I am looking forward to the show.
 1) The People- I love SHOT Show because I get to see some of the people I enjoy most in the world- my fellow shooters. For some, this is the only time of year I get to see them. In addition to all my old friends, I get to meet new ones.
 2) The Business- I am kind of a work junky and I enjoy seeing the business of SHOT Show. Everything from learning about booth design to sale promotions and media events. It is a huge thrill for me to see our industry growing.
 3) The Food! I love to eat and there are very few places in the world where you can get as good a meal as Vegas.
 4) The Plane Home :) while this is not necessarily a SHOT Show thing I always look forward to going home knowing I worked hard and a job well done.
 I wish everyone the best SHOT Show possible and hope to see you all at the Comp-Tac or Smith and Wesson Booth!
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5 Off Season Projects

The shooting season runs longer and longer every year. In 2014 my first match was January and my last match was the beginning of November. As much as I love all the travel and competitive shooting, I think it is important to set a few projects for the time I am home. If I don’t plan it, it won’t get done! Here are 5 things I want to do this December:

1) Exercise- Yes, I know that this is the worst time of year to work at getting back in the gym. However, for me this is the best time to set up a more regular schedule. I have missed running (I know crazy!) and I want to get back to it this off season.

2) Attend a Local Match- Not exactly a non-shooting goal, but an important one. I am on the road so much that I don’t get to do as much local shooting as I want. Local matches are SO important, I want to make it a goal to hit one while I am here.

3) Visit Family! I am so blessed to have very special grandparents and wonderful sisters, nephews, aunts and cousins. This December I will get back on the road, but only to visit them!

4) Cook! Traveling is wonderful, and terrible. There are lots of good things about traveling, as well as plenty of hassles I could do without. One of the hardest thingsĀ for me is eating on the road. I get tired of the fast food and restaurant food and all I want is a home cooked meal.

5) Loading- If you want to shoot a lot you have to load a lot. Now is the perfect time to get it done. The 1050 is running (fingers crossed) so now is the time to get those bullets stacked up.

It sounds weird, but for me, schedules, plans and goals help meĀ make sure I don’t miss out on special times. Do you have to plan your non-shooting goals or do these activities just come naturally to you?